Sunday, November 06, 2005

Comments for EUR/USD forecast

Eur/usd will continue followed trend weekly, after descending headed 1. 1805. The correction will happen in 6 hours after the market opening, and gazed at the closing of the market would rebound headed 1.1730 to support first.

R: 1.1868/1.1921/1.1994
S: 1.1760/1.1730/1.1639

Sell on recovery with stop abv 1.1868/75 (prev/sup), break wud risk correction twd 1.1923 b4 down. Last week’s selloff below 1.1868/75 after meeting renewed selling at 1.1994 indicates the MT down trend fm 1.3670 has finally resumed n re-test of ‘04 low at 1.1760 is seen, below extends weakness to 1.1735/40 b4 rebound due to o/sold condition.